Sweet Nothins
by Dawn Weimer


A play on words!!! Dawn said that this little puppy thinks that the kitty is 'sweet' but the little kitty thinks that the puppy is 'nothin'...hence, "Sweet Nothins" !!! She had her share of dogs and cats and this is not unusual for a puppy to 'kiss'...well lick may be the better word when 'Moma' is not looking. Of course, the kitty really is NOT very impressed but since 'Moma' may be watching the kitty knows that she would be in big trouble if she took a swipe at the puppy she just sits with her ears back in disgust!

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer


Sculpture Details:

Price: $4,300.00 SOLD
Width: 12 InchesHeight: 15 Inches
Depth: 7 InchesWeight: 0 lbs
Type: Ed No. 20  Year: 1997
State: Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Whimsical, Feline(Cats), Canine (Dogs), Animal
Colors: Silver-Gray, Bronze (medium), Black
Options: Patinas, Enlargements (size)
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000260

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