Bearly Serious
by Dawn Weimer


Dawn did a miniature of this piece first and I saw it on the counter one day when I got home...I said this little bear did not look very serious...she answered that is why she called it "Bearly Serious" ! But about 4 months later a lady at a local rest home commissioned Dawn to 'point it up' or enlarge it to 4 1/2 feet high...pretty SERIOUS NOW Dawn said!!! This Grizzly bear is so fat and prepared for the winter that he is just sitting there playing with his one paw and sniffing the air for more possible food! Tablesize bronzes of this piece are also available (not many left)...please see Dawn's website for all info.

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer

Sculpture Details:

Price: $42,000.00 SOLD
Width: 49 InchesHeight: 5 Feet
Depth: 49 InchesWeight: 600 lbs (approx)
Type: Abstract Sculpture Ed No. 15  Year: 1999
State: Public Art, Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Wildlife, Monument, Bear, Animal
Colors: Cinnamon , Bronze (medium)
Options: Patinas, Enlargements (size)
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000223

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