INFINITY (tribute to Brancusi)
by Plamen Yordanov


"Infinity (Tribute to Brancusi)", as installed at the Austin Town Hall Park Cultural Center, Chicago, 2019 - present mirror polished stainless steel, 8 ft height Transportation and installation in continental USA included.

Sculpture Details:

Price: $74,000.00
Width: 55 InchesHeight: 90 Inches
Depth: 40 InchesWeight: 400 lbs
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Unique
Materials: Stainless Steel, Silver, Mirror, Metal
Subjects: Conceptual, Commission, Beauty, Architectural, Abstract
Colors: Silver-Gray, Reflective, Polished Stainless Steel , Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Chrome
Styles: Unique, Minimalism, Contemporary, Conceptual, Abstract
Options: Reductions (size), Pedestals, Patinas, Hanging, Free Standing, Enlargements (size), Custom Colors, Bases
Sculptor Register #: A530
Sculpture Certification #: B9002038

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