Over the Rainbow
by Joy Beckner


I had been thinking about wall displays, masks if you will, of the heads of my favorite sculptures, when one of my gallery owners told me of a couple that would like a profile of the eight-month-old face of "Guinevere," for a memorial. I thought about two seconds, said, "Yes!" and even constructed it so it can be used as an urn, if desired. I understand this couple's grief. After I buried my first dachshund Anna, I kept the sculpture of her, "Dreaming of Tomatoes," on the end of the kitchen counter for weeks. I stroked it every time I passed it, and I am happy that my piece reminds them of their departed friend. In it, her memory will be celebrated with each passing glance. In Spring 2005, I saw my model Guinevere for the first time in years. She'd grown long hair on her ears. WOW! A mystery was solved! My discovery of longer hair on the ears of five-year-old Guinevere helped me understand why "Over the Rainbow" was adopted by those who love Labs, and why "Three Faces of Guinevere" has been adopted by lovers of Labs, as well as those who know and love young Goldens. "Over the Rainbow" is signed and numbered. Each includes my mark, Joy Beckner Bronze Sculptor and a copy of the poem "Rainbow Bridge." May this piece bring you peace and help you celebrate the life of your four-legged friend. Sincerely, Joy

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Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 11 InchesHeight: 11 Inches
Depth: 9 InchesWeight: 14 lbs (approx)
Type: Representational Sculpture Ed No. 20  Year: 2005
State: Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Canine (Dogs)
Colors: Warm Highlights, Bronze (medium), Bronze (light)
Sculptor Register #: A29
Sculpture Certification #: B9001261

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